All the answers to frequently asked questions about bus companies in Europe.

FAQ compagnies de bus OUIBUS, FlixBus, Eurolines, Isilines

Do you have questions about long-distance bus travel in Europe with the coach companies BlaBlaBus (OUIBUS), FlixBus, Eurolines , Megabus , National Express ? All the answers to questions frequently asked by bus travellers :

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Are you looking for the contacts, phone numbers of the bus companies BlaBlaBus (OUIBUS), FlixBus, Eurolines and Megabus? All the contacts of the bus companies here.


FAQ BlaBlaBus (OUIBUS), FlixBus, Eurolines and Megabus 

Questions before the bus trip

How do I get my ticket back?

BlaBlaBus (OUIBUS) and FlixBus do not offer ticket refunds but only cancellations or changes to tickets. However a fee is applicable except for FlixBus, Eurolines offers partial ticket refunds. For Megabus, you can make changes any time, up tp 24 hours before in Megabus website, fee will apply for each amended reservation.

Do children travel by bus for free?
No, children can't travel by bus for free. The fares of the companies are as follows :
  • BlaBlaBus (OUIBUS) offers half fare for children from 0 to 24 months.
  • FlixBus offers a reduced fare for children under 15.
  • Eurolines offers discounts from 40% to 80% for children.
  • Megabus UK. Travel between 05:00 and midnight, a maximum of one child, aged 3 years or under, can travel for free on megabus board day services only with each fare paying adult.

Are the coaches adapted for people with reduced mobility?

All the different bus companies offer facilities that allow people with reduced mobility to travel by bus. Visually impaired people have the possibility to travel with their guide dogs on the coaches depending on the company they are travelling with. Depending on the company you will be obliged to contact them before buying a ticket so that you can travel on the buses.

The price offered on is not the same as the price displayed on the bus company's website.

For reasons of performance and user comfort, it has been chosen to memorize for 2 to 24 hours the prices provided by the carriers.

I booked my bus ticket but I still haven't received an email confirmation, what should I do?

The message confirming the reservation of your ticket can sometimes take a few minutes. If you do not receive it, contact the coach company with which you booked your bus ticket directly.

I'm traveling with my baby, what should I expect?
  • If you travel with FlixBus, you should use a booster seat or a baby seat with a two-point belt. Under no circumstances should your baby travel alone, he or she must be accompanied by an adult (18 years of age or older). Please note that it is possible to take baby pushchairs with you, this is free if and only if you declare it 48 hours before your departure date by calling the following FlixBus number: + 33 1 76 36 04 12 / +49 30 300137300

  • If you are travelling with BlaBlaBus (OUIBUS), it is recommended (and therefore not mandatory) to bring a baby seat or booster seat with you. Seat belts are available on board and will be used to protect your baby throughout the journey.
  • If you are travelling with Megabus, Car seats or booster are recommended for under 5 years old children. Please note that with Megabus all ages are required to have ticket, children and babies included.

Can my child travel alone ?

  • To travel with FlixBus, children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult (18 years and over). In this case, 2 seats must be reserved instead of one.
  • To travel with BlaBlaBus (OUIBUS), minors can travel alone from the age of 16 and must be in possession of an identity document.
  • During the travelling with Megabus, baby should be accompanied by an adult (17 years or older) with the verification of I.D.

Can I hire a bus?

This is possible with FlixBus. You just need to access Flixbus rental platform to make your reservation and get a quote on the spot and with ease.

Questions during the bus trip

Do I have to print my ticket to get on board ?
Tickets must be printed when you take a bus with Eurolines in A4 format without both sides. 
BlaBlaBus (OUIBUS), Megabus and FlixBus offer e-tickets. All you have to show is your smartphone, tablet and computer.
Can we pick a seat?
If you travel with BlaBlaBus (OUIBUS), your seats are assigned. With the other companies, it is possible to choose your seats when getting on the bus.
I haven't received a confirmation email, what should I do?
ComparBUS does not sell bus tickets, it only links to the websites of the bus companies. You have to contact directly the company with which you have booked the tickets.
Can we eat on the buses?
You can eat and drink on the buses of all companies. FlixBus offers snacks for sale on board.

Questions after the bus trip

I lost/forgot something?
You can contact the customer service department of the companies directly to report your problem. You can also enquire about your rights in the event of lost luggage.
My bus was delayed or cancelled, what should I do?
If you have been delayed or cancelled by the bus company you are travelling with, you can contact them directly at the after-sales service of the bus companies.  You can also enquire about your rights in the event of a delay, cancellation or accident.
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