What is ComparBUS?

Are you going on holiday soon and would like to travel by bus? We have the solution: your ComparBUS comparator is here to help you in your search! Launched in 2012, ComparBUS is the 1st French historical comparator for long-distance buses. We compare many bus companies in Europe such as: BlaBlaBus (ex OUIBUS), FlixBus, Eurolines, Megabus, National Express, ALSA and so on. ComparBUS is also more than 3 000 bus lines and more than 900 destinations in Europe.


How does ComparBUS work? How to use the platform? How do I  get view all bus offers? Here are our tips on how to use our platform.


Summary :

  1. How can I find all available bus offers for a journey with the ComparBUS bus comparators? ➧ 
  2. Why use the ComparBUS comparator? ➧

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How can I find all available bus offers for a journey with the ComparBUS bus comparator?

ComparaBUS comparateur de bus France Europe fonctionnement

    Step 1: Select your travel information on the ComparBUS homepage

    1. Go to the homepage of the comparator ComparBUS
    2. Select the city of arrival and the city of departure
    3. Select departure date and arrival date
    4. Click on the "SEARCH" button

    Step 2: View and compare all bus offers on ComparBUS

    Once you have specified your trip information, you will land on the results page. This page contains all the bus tickets available for the outward journey as well as for the return journey.


    Sort bus offers by price, timetable, duration, etc.

    Are you looking for the cheapest price or to find out which bus leaves later? ComparBUS offers you a wide range of sorting options so that you can quickly find the offer that best meets your expectations. :

    1. Sort bus offers by departure times

    2. Sort bus offers by arrival times

    3. Sort bus offers by price
    4. Sort bus offers by duration

    Change dates, departure and arrival cities

    You can always change your trip information if you need to.

    1. To change dates, departure and arrival cities, use the search bar which is always available at the top of the page.
    2. Tip : If you want to search for offers for the day before or the day after, use the two buttons directly before and after the current date of travel.

    ComparaBUS, paiement sur le site du partenaire

    3rd step: book your bus ticket on the site of partner companies

    1. Once you have found the ideal bus ticket, click on it.
    2. You will then be redirected to the transport company's website.
    3. Once you are on the company's website, you can book and pay for your bus ticket.

    For information, ComparBUS platform does not sell transport tickets.

    Why use the ComparBUS comparator?

    What is the interest of using our platform? ComparaBUS is designed to help you find the best transport offers quickly and efficiently. Your comparator has many advantages which are as follows:

    • Multimodality: ComparBUS is a multi-transport comparator (bus, train, carpooling and airplane)
    • Choice: numerous companies and destinations in France and Europe
    • Simplicity and speed of the platform
    CmparaBUS, le comparateur multi transport bus train covoiturage et avion

    ComparaBUS comparateur de transport bus, train, covoiturage, avion et vols

    Comparateur transport bus, train, covoiturage avion, vols


    Multimodality: ComparBUS, the multimodal comparator: bus, train, carpooling and air travel

    When you are looking for tickets for your trip, you waste time surfing on many different websites to compare bus, train, flight offers... A very tedious and time-consuming task.


    Did you know that? The site is not only a platform for comparing long-distance buses. Today, ComparBUS compares all means of long-distance transport, i.e. bus, train, carpool and plane. Don't waste any more time, compare all means of transport in just one search!


    In most cases, buses and carpooling are the cheapest but also the longest modes of transport. Plane is the fastest way. In terms of travel time, the train is between carpooling and the bus on the one hand, and by plane on the other. Among the airlines present on our comparator, many of them are "low-cost" airlines such as Ryanair, Vueling or Easyjet. These airlines offer very attractive prices. Your comparator allows you to see more clearly in this jungle of prices and offers.


    How does it work? It's very simple, you have in the results page 4 tabs. Each tab represents a long distance transport:

    1. Bus offers
    2. Train offers
    3. Carpooling offers
    4. Flight offers

    On each tab, you have the cheapest price and the shortest duration of the transport concerned. For example, if you only want to view train offers, click on the "train" tab.

    Choice: numerous companies and destinations in France and Europe

    Launched many years ago (2012), ComparaBUS has developed a vast network of partners in France and in Europe, including the largest companies such as BlaBlaBus (ex OUIBUS), Eurolines, FlixBus, Megabus, National Express, Renfe, TrainItalia, SNCF, easyJet, Rynair etc. We want to offer you as many choices as possible for your journeys.


    Briefly, ComparBUS covers:

    • + 4,000 destinations in Europe 
    • + 250 destinations in France
    • + 1,500 routes in France

    Simplicity and speed of the platform

    In order to help you to best compare all offers, ComparBUS offers you a simple, uncluttered, fast and advertising-free tool.

    Carte réseau de bus, lignes de bus, destinations, villes desservies Europe
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