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  • Eurolines bus company was founded in 1985 and operates a transitional network that connects over 600 destinations that covers Europe and even Morocco. Instead of running as a single company, the Eurolines network consists of 29 co-operating coach companies in Europe providing deep connections and integrated ticketing. For instance, Eurolines is operated by Ulsterbus in Northern Ireland and Bus Eireann in the Republic of Ireland.

  • The Eurolines bus company adapted the decentralized approach and generally, the standards of service vary from one country to the other. You will surely notice the difference in countries like Yugoslavia currently operated by the Lasta Beograd and the Baltic states under the operation of Lux Express. Eurolines is the most common method of travel between neighboring European countries. In other European countries, air travel and rail are the most convenient means of transport, with Eurolines coaches offering overnight links.

  • Eurolines Bus Company is known for its unique carriage rules. There is this sign at the front of the bus mainly in most international routes displaying the names of the various destinations and several in –between stop points. If you often arrive at bus station five to eight minutes before departure, you will either miss your reserved seat or the entire journey. You are required to reach at the bus terminal at least 15 minutes before departure as indicated on the ticket.

  • Providing regular bus services in 32 different countries, Eurolines Bus Company recorded a turnover of 55 million Euros (ticket sales) in 2014 with 35 million kilometers traveled in the same year with a total of 1.8 million passengers on board. The primary destinations operated by the bus company include; London, Paris, Budapest, Prague, Vienna, Lake Garda, Istria and Costa Brava.

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