Italo - railway company in Italy

  • Italo was founded in 2006 and the first route was on May 28th 2012 after the liberalization, the Italo Group is the first private Italian high-speed railway company.

  • Italo is the first railway company to use the Alstom AGV train, which set the railway speed record.

  • The fleet consists of 25 top quality Alstom AGV 575 trains that can reach up to 360 Km/h and there are new trains in preparation.

  • Italo currently connects 25 cities and 30 train stations that are constantly increasing and offers 98+  daily trips at competitive prices.

  • Italo's mission is to offer a service that is safe, reliable and technologically advanced.

  • Today, Italo has come to transport more than 20 million people.

  • High-speed train services combine main lines: Turin-Salerno ; Venice-Salerno ; Brescia-Napoli.

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Main destinations served by Italo in Italy

Railway map of Italo - served railway connections

Main Italo railway lines in Italy

  • Train Milan Naples
  • Train Milan Rome
  • Train Milan Venice
  • Train Rome Naples
  • Train Rome Naples
  • Train Turin Naples
  • Train Bologna Rome
  • Train Naples Bari
  • Train Naples Salerno
  • Train Naples Lecce
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