Carpooling site BlaBlaCar: leader in Europe

  • BlaBlaCar is a carpooling site, the leader in carpooling in France and Europe. The independent SME was launched by Frédéric Mazzella.
  • Carpooling is the use of a car by several people who make the same trip. It is an ecological, friendly and economical means of transport.
  • The BlaBlaCar site makes it possible to connect carpoolers (people who provide seats in their vehicles) and passengers. Every day, find thousands of carpool ads.
  • BlaBlaCar in a few figures :
    • More than 40 million members 
    • More than 12 million passengers per quarter
    • Present in more than 22 countries: France, Spain, United Kingdom, Italy, Poland, Germany, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, India, Mexico, Serbia, Romania, Croatia, Hungary, Brazil, Slovakia, Czech Republic.
    • Average vehicle occupancy rate of 3 people per car
  • Launch of the BlaBlaCar Bus offer in April 2018. The company could also launch BlaBlaTrain as soon as the French rail market is liberalized.

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FAQ carpool site BlaBlaCar - frequently asked questions from carpoolers and passengers

How to propose a route? How to book a carpool place? All the answers to all the frequently asked questions about carpooling with BlaBlaCar.

Propose a trip, carpool places with BlaBlaCar

What are the requirements to be a driver?

  • Be of age
  • Have a valid driver's license
  • Have valid car insurance

Offer carpool places

  1. Register on the BlaBlaCar website
  2. Submit your ad with the publication form
    • Define your itinerary: departure and arrival city (specify the appointment and drop-off points), departure date and time
    • Specify whether or not you are using the highway, whether it is a round trip or not
    • The number of places offered
    • The proposed price for this trip
    • Details of the trip
    • Preferences: baggage size, detour, delay tolerance, etc.
  3. Confirm your announcement: choose your booking mode: "Automatic or Manual Acceptance"

Book a carpool place with BlaBlaCar

How to search for a carpool?

  • Go to the search engine on the BlaBlaCar homepage
  • Enter the departure and arrival city

Book your carpool place

  • Select the ad you are interested in
  • Pay for your trip with your credit card: insert the 16 digits of your credit card, the expiry date of the card and the security code

Cancelling a carpool reservation with BlaBlaCar

It is recommended to notify the driver by calling him directly. You must cancel your trip directly on the BlaBlaCar website.

  • Passengers who cancel the trip more than 24 hours before departure are refunded the amount less the booking fee.
  • In the last 24 hours, they are only refunded half of the amount (the other half is returned to the driver)
  • After departure, it is not possible to be refunded and the driver still receives the transfer.

Cancellation of the carpooling trip by the driver with BlaBlaCar

You are a driver, you have proposed a route but you can no longer assume this route? Here are the steps to cancel your carpooling proposal:

  • Delete your trip on the site:
    • Click on "Delete" on your ad
    • Confirm by clicking "Yes, cancel this trip".) Passengers will be notified of the cancellation by SMS and email
  • It is advisable to contact passengers directly to inform them of the cancellation

Please note: there are no penalties in case of cancellation by the driver. However, if you cancel too often, BlaBlaCar reserves the right to suspend the publication of your ads.

In case of accidents while carpooling with BlaBlaCar, what happens?

In general, the driver is responsible for the passengers he carries and it is his insurance that takes care of the passengers.


Additional guarantees with the partner AXA

BlaBlaCar has developed a partnership with AXA, two additional guarantees are offered to carpoolers:

  • Guaranteed arrival at destination: In the event of immobilization of the vehicle, the towing and routing of the driver and passengers to their destination are covered if they are not covered (in cases where there are waypoints during the journey and the final destinations of the passengers and the driver are different).
  • The loan of the steering wheel to a passenger: If the driver lends the steering wheel to a passenger (who has had the licence for more than 3 years) he will be reimbursed up to 1500 € on his deductible "loan of steering wheel" in the event of a responsible loss.

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