megabus USA: low-cost express bus tickets $1

  • Megabus is a low-cost coach operator in the UK and North America.

  • Part of Stagecoach Group (international transport group), which offers greener smarter travel at great prices. Offers city-to-city bus tickets as low as $1.

  • On April 10, 2006,, introduced its intercity bus service,  provided by USA/Coach Canada and DATTCO (a non Stagecoach company, under contract).

  • This company has a great commitment to its customers and is always looking forward to offering the best service they can get for such a good price. However, the prices may vary depending on your destination, time, and season of the year. But whatever your situation is, is a great option to travel with.

  • Operates throughout the eastern, southern, midwestern, and western United States and in the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec.

  • Serves 100+ different cities and university campuses around USA and Canada.

  • megabus in numbers:

    • Serves 544 bus routes, covering 114 cities.

    • More than 669 bus connections.

    • Serve 10 million passengers per year.

  • When you travel with you can expect free WI-FI* onboarding, charging points to charge your gadgets*, onboard toilet and air conditioning.

megabus USA bus tickets ➧

Main destinations served by megabus in the USA

Megabus FAQ (frequently asked questions)

💻 Does the Megabus offer WIFI onboard?

Yes, there is free WIFI on all Megabus buses. Just connect "Megabus-RIDE" WIFI network. Just bear in mind WIFI can be limited and low-speed for watching the stream videos.

🔌 Do the Megabus buses have power outlets or USB charges?

Yes, there are electricity sockets or USB chargers provided in all Megabus buses.  You can charge your phone, laptop during the entire journey just look for a socket symbol near your seat.

🚽 Does the Megabus have restrooms?

Yes, there are restroom services on all of Megabus buses.

🛄 How many baggages can I bring with Megabus?

Your Megabus ticket covers free transportation of:

  • Small carry on luggage - should be placed overhead luggage racks onboard. However, make sure you keep all essentials close by.
  • One travel baggage (up to 20kg).

🐶 Can I bring my dog or cat in a Megabus?

No, the transportation of animals is disallowed on Megabus buses. In spite of, there is an exception of trained service animals (free of charge) with disabled passengers to help with necessary activities.

📞 What is the phone number of Megabus? How to contact?

The phone number of Megabus is  +1 877 462 6342. You can also contact through this form.

📮 What is the email address of Megabus?

Megabus does not provide email for general inquiries. However, you can contact by phone: +1 877 462 6342 or this form

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