Northern railway: train company in UK

  •  The Northern Rail is a subsidiary of Arriva Group and is one of the most significant providers of passenger transport in UK and Europe. It began its train operations in the Northern Franchise since 1st April 2016.
  • The train company aims to connect thousands of people to their place of work, education, and areas of leisure. -Arriva operates various transport services which consist of watertraines, coaches, traines, trains, and trams. -Arriva employs over 60,000 employees while Northern Railway independently employs 5,200 employees and facilitates over 2 billion passenger journeys across fourteen different countries every year.
  • Northern manages over 475 stations and 333 train sets providing 2,200 services daily and aims to increase the seating capacity by 40% creating space for over 31,000 extra passengers and will travel through the Northern cities that include (Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, and Sheffield). The train company operates in three major regions; North West, North East and Yorkshire and the Humbler.

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