Eurostar: railway company in UK

  • The Eurostar train crosses between the United Kingdom and France. It is currently managed and operated by Getlink. Over two decades ago, the train company transformed how people traveled from UK to Paris and Brussels. Eurostar prides of having over 100 destinations across Europe through Paris, Brussels, and Lille. The train company started its operation in 1994 between Waterloo International and Paris Gare du Nord. On 30th July 2003, Eurostar fixed the UK rail speed to 208mph (334.7kph).In 2007, the second part of the UK high-speed rail was finalized and this led to the reduction of journey time from London to Paris to 2 hours 15 minutes.

  • In 2013,Eurostar marked the first year carrying more than 10 million passengers in one year which represented a 2% increase from the initial passenger volume.

  • Eurostar Train Company connects London to eight significant destinations which include Brussels, Amsterdam, Lille, Lyon, Avignon, Rotterdam, and Paris.

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